Product description:

Adopt world-famous marine engine and alternator for medium and high speed,equipped with high quality and intelligent control system.

All marine generating sets′ manufacturing & testing is carried out as perGB/T13032-2010 Marine Diesel Generating set General Technique Requirements.


Product features:

All connections for generating set are mounted on base frame in advance, with simple and compact structure, convenient for installation, operation and maintenance.

High strength dynamic property, economical efficiency and high reliability;

Low consumption, low emission and quick start;

Design and material selection is strictly in accordance with offshore operation environment standards;

Marine generating set has passed the certification of classification society such as CCS. Intelligent control system can automatically detect generating set’s operation condition, turn on and turn off the generating set, and ensure safe and efficient work


Power range:



Application scope:


It is applied to various boats such as trawler, ferryboat, yacht, work boat, tow boat, fishing boat, fire boat, passenger boat and coastal areas.