Product Description

HIGH VOLTAGE GENERATOR SET(50HZ) AS series High voltage generator set powered by Cummins, including 6.3KV, 10.5KV,11KV and 13.5KV, which have obvious advantages compared with low voltage type. Direct high-voltage output, small loss and save energy, high efficiency, rapid response and strong start, The use of high-voltage units can reduce transmission losses and reduced investment in cable, suitable for long-distance carry. With impact resistance, to load fluctuations, with the super-load capacity to launch large-capacity motor with single –phase loading capacity. Equipped with high-voltage Switch Cabinet, computer protection.
Refer below table
Genset Model Standby
Engine Model PDF Data
AS-PH800 1100/880 100/800 4008TAG
AS-PH900 1238/990 1125/900 4008TAG1A
AS-PH1000 1375/1100 1250/1000 4008TAG2A
AS-PH1250 1719/1375 1562/1250 4012-46TWG2A
AS-PH1350 1856/1485 1688/1350 4012-46TWG3A
AS-PH1500 2063/1650 1875/1500 4012-46TAG2A
AS-PH1710 2351/1881 2138/1710 4016TAG
AS-PH1850 2544/2035 2313/1850 4016TAG1A
AS-PH2000 2750/2200 2500/2000 4016TAG2A
AS-PH2250 3094/2475 2813/2250 4016-61TRG3