Product Description

ENGINEļ¼šPERKINS/CUMMINS/DEUTZ/GB POWER, power from 15kw to 900kw, engine widely used in power supplying areas, such as for fire-fighting pump, irrigation works, flooding-proof, drainage, mud pump, sand pump and other applications. With its advantage reliability and safety.
PUMP: Various kinds of pump such double-suction pump, long spindle deep well pump and chemical pump can meet various needs, fire, water words, hydropower station, chemical power station, steel plant, agriculture irrigation and municipal works
CONTROL SYSTEM: LED control model system, with automatic switching of main pump and spare pump set. Double energy switching system can keep the pump set working stable, with protections functions, which can keep whole pump set working under smoothly.
Refer below table



Diesel Pump
Rated Capacity
Rated Head(m) Pump Model Engine
AS-35/80 80 35 80ZW-80-35 4L22-SB
AS-60/50 50 60 80ZW-50-60 4L22-SB
AS-70/60 60 70 80ZW-60-70 4L22-SB
AS-30/100 100 30 100ZW-100-300 4L22-SB
AS-B60/80 80 60 100ZW-80-60 KM496-SB
AS-80/80 80 80 100ZW-80-60 KM496-SB
AS-38/180 180 38 150ZW-180-38 KM496-SB
AS-15/100 100 15 ZW100-100-15 4L22-SB1
AS-20/80 80 20 ZW100-80-20 4L22-SB1
AS-20/120 120 20 ZW125-120-20 4L22-SB1
AS-14/180 180 14 ZW150-180-14 4L22-SB1
AS-20/180 180 20 ZW150-180-20 495AD
AS-30/180 180 30 ZW150-180-30 4100AD
AS-15/200 200 15 ZW150-200-15 495AD
AS-25/200 200 25 ZW150-200-25 4100AD
AS-14/280 280 14 ZW200-280-14 495AD
AS-28/280 280 28 ZW200-280-28 TL4100ZD
AS-28/280S 280 28 ZW200-280-28 4135D
AS-18/300 300 18 ZW200-300-18 4100AD
AS-20/420 420 20 ZW250-420-20 TL4100ZD
AS-20/420S 420 20 ZW250-420-20 4135D
AS-14/800 800 14 ZW300-800-14 4135AD